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Questions about the products

Who is the distributor of the InnoFit products?

In order to offer the best conditions for the distribution of InnoFit products in the EU, the InnoFit Group has established a distribution company in Cyprus with excellent conditions for affiliate partners to recommend products.
The company is InnoFit International Trade Ltd.
Website: https://innofit.international

Are InnoFit products organic (ecological)?

InnoFit's products are not officially certified organic, but are made from natural, chemical-free, guaranteed quality ingredients from controlled farms. They contain no additives, preservatives, added sugar, flavour enhancers or colourings, and are microbiologically sterile. The suppliers deliver the raw materials with a quality certificate and these are fully traceable and controlled. The supplier of the raw materials and the manufacturer operate according to HACCP standards.

As you can see, the essential point is not so much if a product is certified organic or not, but the quality and purity of the raw materials used.

What is organic and what is not?

It is very important to clarify that we commonly think of organic food as products that do not contain chemicals, additives, and are not genetically modified, generally coming from farming practices that use only natural substances (or mechanical means) to protect plants from pests and disease.

However, the official organic (eco) label is different from this common understanding. Currently, nine EU laws regulate the production of organic products.

Surprisingly, it does not ban the use of certain additives (yes, even "E" ingredients). Here are some additives permitted by the EU-organic production-regulation: E 170 Calcium carbonate, E 270 Lactic acid, E 300 Ascorbic acid, E 306 Natural extracts containing tocopherols, E 322 Lecithin, E 333 Calcium citrates, E 334 Tartaric acid, E 335 Sodium tartrates, E 336 Potassium tartrates, E 341 Monocalcium phosphate, E 406 Agar-agar, E 407 Carrageenan, E 410 Locust bean gum, E 412 Guar gum, E 414 Gum arabic, E 500 Sodium carbonates, E 501 Potassium carbonates, E 503 Ammonium carbonates, E 504 Magnesium carbonates, E 524 Sodium hydroxide, E 551 Silicon dioxide.) Our products do not contain any of these!

In short, just because something is chemical-free that doesn't mean it's organic, and organic doesn't mean that it does not contain additives.

If InnoFit products are free of chemicals and additives, why are they not certified organic?

Organic certification is not based on the final product but on the control of the production process. So, they do not control whether there are any unauthorised substances in the product, but that these substances cannot get in it.

As some of the raw materials for InnoFit products are naturally harvested fruits (basically, some of the forest black berries), it's not feasible in this case to control the production process and it cannot be called organic even if the raw materials are grown in a completely organic way and are also checked after harvesting.

To be called organic, the products must meet criteria that InnoFit products cannot meet, even if the raw material is organic. For example, to be certified organic, at least 95% of the ingredients must be certified organic. Now, for the reasons mentioned above, some black berries cannot be certified organic. However, in some of our products the percentage of black berries is more than 5%, and therefore the final product cannot be certified organic. Yet, it is still true that InnoFit products are free of chemicals and additives, made from non-GMO ingredients, controlled, etc. By the way, did you know that food supplements are not certified organic either? (Of course, there may be exceptions.)

How do InnoFit products last so long if they do not contain any preservatives?

Thanks to the special manufacturing technology, our products have a very low moisture content (max. 3-5% for Orifit and Purfit, max. 20% for Topform and Child), while containing a high concentration of antioxidants. Due to the low water activity and pH and the high concentration of antioxidants, the products are microbiologically very stable, i.e. they do not spoil. When stored properly (unopened packaging, 15-18 °C, maximum humidity 65%), they will keep their original quality for up to 24 months.

What is the vitamin content of the products?

The vitamin content of InnoFit products is not comparable to the vitamin content of conventional vitamin preparations, which are either made up entirely of synthetic vitamins or contain a minimum of natural active substances of plant origin (a few hundred milligrams maximum), supplemented with synthetic vitamins. Our aim is not to compete in terms of vitamin content with these products and to mislead consumers with this information.

Research now clearly shows:

"The absorption efficiency of artificial dietary supplements is inferior to that of natural herbal substances because our body has to 'unpack' the active ingredient from a foreign substance first, which reduces the efficiency of absorption. Often, artificial pills do not even dissolve in the intestine, and as a result, the active ingredient cannot be absorbed." (Gabriella Silye: Sports Nutrition for Maximum Performance, 2015)

Plants do not simply contain vitamins and minerals, but also a number of other physiologically important substances such as bioflavonoids, carotenoids, enzymes, co-factors, etc. This is the biggest difference between a synthetically produced multivitamin and InnoFit products.

Orifit and Purfit contain corn starch (maltodextrin). Isn't that dangerous?

What are the possible risks of maltodextrin?

As maize is one of the most genetically modified crops, it is legitimate to ask whether genetically modified raw materials are used in the production of InnoFit products. It is important to note here that foods containing maltodextrin may in some cases contain small amounts of sodium glutamate as a by-product of production, which may also be a cause for concern.

InnoFit products do not pose any of these risks, as we have all the supplier declarations to prove that the maltodextrin used does not come from genetically modified crops (maize), and does not contain any allergens or sodium glutamate.

Can people with diabetes consume InnoFit products?

For diabetics, the deterioration of blood vessels is a serious complication. Berries have been shown in numerous studies to have a positive effect on blood vessels (in vascular protection and slowing down the development of atherosclerosis) and their consumption is therefore recommended. As the fruits in these products contain natural fructose, diabetics are advised to consume them during meals when they are also eating fats and proteins. Experience has shown that InnoFit products don't need to be included in the calculation of the daily carbohydrate intake except in severe cases. When calculating, you can either simply take into account the weight of the portions (3 g per scoop for Topform and Child, 5 g per sachet for Orifit and Purfit), or you can calculate exactly with the amount of carbohydrates indicated on the box (which is actually less).

Do InnoFit products contain any allergens?

There are no allergens subject to labelling requirements in the ingredients of the products; however, there is also some celery processing at the place of origin of certain raw materials and therefore these products "may contain traces of celery".

Can gluten-sensitive people consume InnoFit products?

InnoFit products do not contain any gluten. No gluten-containing products are produced by the manufacturer, so InnoFit products may not even contain traces of gluten.

The Purfit/Orifit powder is stuck together in the sachet. Why?

Due to the extremely low moisture content (3-5%) of InnoFit Purfit/Orifit resulting from the manufacturing process, the powder is particularly sensitive to the humidity of the environment (hydroscopic). This can cause the powder in the sachet to absorb moisture, to clump together and harden. This phenomenon does not result in any damage or loss of value to the product, which can be sucked like a candy when unwrapped, further facilitating absorption through the mucous membranes of the mouth.

What is the difference between the different flavonoid products?

There are several companies selling different formulations of flavonoid products and you may be wondering what criteria you should use to choose between them. What are the differences between the products?
Often you read the phrase "made using gentle processing method" in company brochures. What technology might this term refer to? It’s important to pay attention to this term, because the way fruits are processed has a significant impact on the nutritional content of the product.
We have compiled a list of factors that make a big difference between the products. We have done so to help you to better understand the topic and be able to choose the right product.

  1. Production technology: If the product is in a jar, it’s already a suspicious sign. If you hear a “clicking" sound when the cap is unscrewed, the product was treated using mild heat treatment, meaning a heat treatment of 80 to 90 °C (pasteurization). Its purpose is to kill microorganisms and deactivate the enzymes in the plant (to inhibit their activity as enzymes – in effect killing them), which will ensure the shelf life of the product. In most cases, these products are post-vitaminized, since heat treatment also destroys heat-sensitive bioactive substances, vitamins such as vitamin C, which means that they cannot exert a positive physiological effect after consumption. To compensate for this, other companies add synthetic vitamins and minerals in order to increase the nutritional value of the product.
    InnoFit products are made using vacuum technology and by gentle process, we mean a compression at a low temperature (+6 degrees Celsius for Topform and Child). The purpose of this method of processing is that almost 100 % of the active substances in the fruits and vegetables are safe from damage during processing. Therefore they do not contain added vitamins, minerals, or trace elements.
  2. What are products made from: fruit concentrate or fruit pulp? In the case of products made of fruit pulp, the water content of the fruit is often not or only partially extracted. In this case, in order to bind water, water-thickening and gelling agents, stabilizers and emulsifiers are added (e.g. apple pectin, carrageenan, guar gum, gum arabic, xanthan gum, alginic acid). If you read the product ingredients, you can definitely verify that. As this will not result in a high content of natural active substances in the product, to compensate for this, other companies add synthetic vitamins and minerals in order to increase the content value of the product.
    When manufacturing InnoFit products, no thickeners, gelling agents, stabilizers and emulsifiers are used. The products are actually concentrated by extracting water, so the resulting fruit and vegetable concentrate can have multiple times the nutritional value compared to other products.
  3. What berries does the recipe include? On the one hand, when purchasing the fruit there can be huge differences in the price of ingredients (e.g. in case of a product based on grapes, which is significantly cheaper than blueberries, blackthorns, blackberries, etc.), on the other hand, it is important to know whether the recipe making was preceded by research on the nutritional value and physiological effects of the ingredients and whether the expensive ingredients can also be found in the product, where needed.
    InnoFit products are backed by many years of serious plant research. The formulation for Topform and Child was preceded by a patent based on antioxidant research that ensures the uniqueness of the recipe and the synergistic triggering of the complex action mechanisms of the body. The Topform product contains 6 major antioxidant groups in one. Similar products contain only 1 or 2 antioxidant groups.

Can I overdose the products?

All things can be overdosed by excessive consumption. Therefore, the question is not whether or not it can be overdosed, but what happens when we eat too much of it. Our experience shows that probably nothing. Our body gets rid of the excess quantity intelligently (e.g. in the form of urine, or excreted in the form of mild diarrhea as an immune response), and – as with other foods – an “aversion” or a temporary feeling of disgust can appear as a self-defensive reaction. It is essential to understand that these effects are not signs of illness, but are a healthy body’s response to excessive consumption. To avoid this, do not go overboard, but consume the quantity indicated on the box.

I eat a healthy diet. Should I try the products?

If you eat a healthy diet and you can eat a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors, freshly picked, and at a satisfactory quality day after day, you may be one of the few people who do not need supplements in any form, including InnoFit products. Statistics show that most people either lack the variety, quality or quantity to consume the professionally recommended daily amount. If you live a stressful life, exercise, are pregnant, elderly, or in case you smoke or have digestive problems, it is most likely that even with a healthy diet it may be beneficial for you to consume InnoFit products due to your increased need. Make sure to assess your personal situation.

I am active in sports. Is it considered doping if I consume the products?

Since the products are fruit and vegetable concentrates and the plants in InnoFit products, as far as we know, are not included on the ban list, do not contain any added substances included on the ban list, nor do we produce any other products in the factory that contain prohibited substances, it is safe for athletes to consume our products.

Questions about buying products

How is the delivery made and how much does it cost?

The delivery is carried out by the GLS courier service, usually within a few days of ordering – and you can also set a date that best suits you when placing your order.

There is a standard delivery charge and the rate depends on the country. As the company will cover this cost above a certain order amount, it is worth paying attention to this when ordering (you can find more information on the order form).

Before the delivery, GLS will send the customer an email with the parcel number and arrival time, so that if something unexpected happens, the customer can change the address or the delivery time.

Where can I read more about the products?

In the text block above (Questions about the products), or following this link >>

I have not been able to pay by card. What should I do?

To avoid inconvenience and to ensure a successful transaction before paying by card, please check:

  • Whether your card is eligible for online purchases.
  • Whether your card is valid, not blocked or expired.
  • The balance on the card, whether there is a sufficient amount on the card.
  • The card usage limits.
  • Whether the limit set for transactions is higher than the amount to be paid.
  • The number of transactions per day has not been reached.
  • Whether the daily limit is sufficient to cover the payment, even after taking into account the purchases made that day.
  • Your internet connection. In case of a slow, intermittent internet connection, the transaction may fail due to timeout.

Check the data you've entered! Don't rush! Once you have pressed the checkout button, be patient until you receive a confirmation. If your card has been issued by a bank that requires you to enter a security code sent by SMS to confirm your payment, have your phone ready.

If you use "back", "reload" or "refresh" to return to the payment page, the transaction will be automatically declined for security reasons. In this case, you will have to initiate the purchase again.

Don't take too long to enter your payment details, as you may be thrown out of the system.

+ HINT: If you are using Firefox and the transaction does not succeed after several attempts (and you are absolutely sure that everything is fine with your card, internet connection, etc.), you should open the payment page in another browser (in our experience, Firefox is more likely to fail with payments). If this still doesn't work, contact your card-issuing bank first; in this case, they are more likely to be able to help you than we are.

Questions about registration and getting started

Do I need to have my own business to join?

Neither joining nor receiving the bonus is conditional on owning your own business, as you can receive the bonus as an individual by transfer to a bank card, with the proviso that you declare it as income from abroad in your country. It is of course also possible to request payment of the bonus against a company invoice.

Can an affiliate partner become a Business Partner?

Yes, but it does not happen automatically, so you have to go through the same multi-step recruitment system as anyone else. Check with your manager for details.

Can a married couple join under one name?

Everyone can join InnoFit as a Business Partner in their own right. This means that neither a company nor a married couple can hold a position – only a natural person over the age of 18 who has been accepted. Also, only he/she has the right to complete the training material. If an immediate family member also wants to become a partner, he/she can only join directly to his/her family member. He/she may not be placed in the downline within the team or on another line.

Can one person have more than one position?

A person can only have one position.

Can starter package be recognised as an expense of my company?

Since you can only join as an individual – in order to avoid the position being alienable from you –, you will be invoiced as an individual and not your company. Therefore, you will not be able to take the amounts spent on the starter package, other training materials or any subsequent product purchases into account as an expense of your company.

How can I pay for the starter package, the training, and the monthly orders?

You can only pay online by credit card.
Since we are building an online business, there is and will be no payment by transfer or cash on delivery option.

My candidate is pre-registered, but I don't see him/her in the structure. Why is this?

Your pre-registered partner will only appear in the structure if he/she has fully completed the recruitment registration form and accepted the Privacy Policy.

What are the possible obstacles to pre-registration?

It is important that you provide an accurate e-mail address. As the e-mail address identifies everyone in our records, it cannot be changed afterwards (it is like a personal identification number). If you have a Gmail address, you should register with that,; if not, we recommend that you create a Gmail account for this purpose. Experience has shown that Gmail accounts are the most reliable way to receive mail (e.g. including mail containing links).

One should press button asking for the authentication code once and then wait for the SMS to arrive. If the candidate starts the pre-registration from a telephone, the button requesting the authentication code may not be responsive. In this case, it is worth pressing the button for a longer time or waiting a few minutes for the text message. If this doesn't work, suggest that the candidate repeat the pre-registration on a computer. The candidate should not press the button several times in a row out of impatience, as there is a limit to the number of attempts and once the limit is reached, he/she will not be able to register from that browser anymore. In this case, the candidate should open another browser and try again.

Can I change my email address after registration?

As a Business Partner, your e-mail address is also your unique identifier in the system and all your personal data (keys) are assigned to it. Hence, it is not possible to change the e-mail address afterwards.

As a registered partner, can I unsubscribe from newsletters?

Do not do this! Since the e-mail address you entered when registering is your ID, unsubscribing will automatically set your account to inactive in the system and you will be locked out of the system. As sorry as we are, we’ll not be able to reactivate your account.

The points have not been updated in the web office, even though I have recently made a purchase/I was recently joined by a partner.

This is normally not an error, because the purchase and registration is immediately visible in the system, but the points are updated once a day at dawn. In the background, of course, the points are recorded by the system. It can also happen that the points are not updated due to system development, which we communicate in the Facebook group beforehand, and we also inform the managers about it. If you find something surprising, ask your mentor, and he/she will know the reason or inquire and, if appropriate, report your observation to us.

Questions about the business rules

Can you transfer people downward within the structure?

You can, but only as long as the person is in pre-registered status and has not paid their starter package. If they have already purchased the Basic package, paid for the training, are enrolled in the structure and points and commissions have been credited throughout the structure, then transferring is no longer possible.

If you sponsor someone you know, make sure you link them to you, as they are emotionally attached to you.
On the other hand, someone who finds you on the internet will be a stranger to everyone here anyway. Hence, if it is strategically justified, they can be transferred downward within the structure. Before making this decision, always consult your mentor.

I'm already part of a network company. Is this a ground for exclusion?

Our policy does not prohibit you from being a member of an MLM company – just as one person can have several businesses at the same time.

However, what is prohibited, and unethical, is recommending the InnoFit partnership to your other team with the intention of luring them away – or recommending another business to your colleagues here.
You need to treat the two independently – and before you become a manager here, you need to make a decision, a commitment.

What happens if someone becomes "inactive"?

If someone doesn't meet the activity requirement by the 20th of the month, he/she will be automatically removed from the list of Business Partners at the end of the month. If he/she has met the minimal 10 PV, he/she will become an Affiliate Partner. If he/she hasn't had any sales, he/she will become a Regular Customers. The system will automatically close his/her Business Partner web office, and the appropriate web office as an Affiliate Partner or Regular Customer will be opened for him/her.

What is the expected minimum monthly turnover?

45 point value (PV). This can be met by any product (the 2 concentrates: Topform and Child: 15 PV, or the 2 powders: Orifit and Purfit 10 PV), both by your own purchases and by customers' turnover.

How much is the monthly system fee?

Business Partners: 15 EUR.
Affiliate Partners: 5 EUR.
This is automatically deducted from your direct bonus at the end of the month.

I've witnessed a breach of the rules. What should I do?

When promoting InnoFit's offer and carrying out sponsorship activities, it is crucial to comply with the Business Rules. The Business Rule protect the interests not only of the company but also of our Partners who engage in fair practices, so it is in your interest as well to ensure that such activities are filtered out as soon as possible. If you witness a breach of the rules, you should report it to your manager, who will then report it to the company using the form in the "Error Reporting" section of the web office. This is to prevent untrue, incorrect and therefore damaging information about the InnoFit system and Fusion Marketing, which could damage the reputation of the company and our Partners, from being published.

What are the sanctions for breaching the Business Rules?

You should be aware that breaching any of the provisions of the Business Rules may lead to various consequences, such as the withholding of commissions or recognition, suspension, or in more serious cases, exclusion and damages claims.

Questions about Fusion Marketing

What should I know about Fusion Marketing?

The Fusion Marketing business model is backed by an American company that provides Business Partners with the best business environment and training to be effective in online marketing, a career system that rewards personal performance, team building and mentoring, and a business relationship with the international trade company InnoFit, which provides the products for the business model with exclusive rights.
The company is InnoFit Fusion Marketing LLC (2300 N Street, NW Suite 300-RLK Washington, District of Columbia 20037)
Website: https://fusionmarketing.online

What exactly am I supposed to do here?

Although at first glance it looks as if this business will build itself, that's not the case at all. You have to work here too, but you are in the fortunate position that your opportunities don't necessarily depend on the size and attitude of your existing network of contacts, you don't have to hold product and business presentations or go to events, but you can recruit customers and partners from all over the EU using online marketing tools.

What is there to do for you?

Gain online and offline marketing knowledge.
Recruit customers, affiliate and business partners by using all possible means of communication (verbal, written, social media posting, advertising).
Training those who have signed up as partners to work independently and build a team.
Then, as a leader, to manage, support, help and train a growing team.

How does the system know who a new applicant is associated with?

In your web office, you can add your own REFID code to all online tools (articles, sign-up page, sales page, order form, etc.) in the link generator, which our system can measure accurately. This way, when a subscriber, customer or pre-registrant appears in our system, one can clearly see whose ad/recommendation brought him/her to us.

This identification works even if the new applicant doesn't later return to the site through your link, because we store the fact that you are their referrer via cookies, and once they are in our database and make a purchase without the REFID code, the system will look for their referrer and calculate the direct bonus and points for them.

Can I create my own website?

No, because one of the big advantages of the Fusion Marketing business model is that you get these tools for free from the company, so you don't have to spend time on building websites. Your only job is to recruit customers and partners.

Do I get notified of every sign-up and purchase?

You will not be notified about your subscribers and purchases, but you will find them in your web office under the appropriate menu item.

I cannot find a subscriber who was previously on the "My Subscribers" list.

This happens if the subscriber has unsubscribed in the meantime.

Can I create a separate list of my subscribers and customers, so that I don't have to look up their contact details in the web office?

This strictly forbidden and there is no reason to do so, as you have no responsibility with this list.

For data protection reasons, our Privacy Policy and Business Policy strictly prohibit the listing of subscribers and the copying of personal data. Only active subscribers who have provided their name and e-mail address and who have not withdrawn their consent to receive promotional messages will be included on the list on the web office. But you don't have to deal with this list anyway, because the e-mail campaigns are sent to your subscribers centrally by the company. Please don't write to them, because if you do, and a complaint is made, you could be fined millions and you’ll have to bear the financial consequences; also, any breach of this rule will result in immediate exclusion.
Of course, the exception to this are people from your own network, since you are in a relationship with them, they have given you their contact details directly as a private person and they will certainly welcome your interest in their well-being, your help in finding a solution to their problems, ordering a product or informing them personally about InnoFit promotions and programmes.

Questions about the commissions

What are the conditions for commission payment?

The commission payment is conditional on the so-called "active status". (The "active status" is defined in the Business Policy.) Your commission is paid against a company invoice or to you as an individual by bank card transfer.

If I do not withdraw my commission, will it be lost?

Your commission will not get lost – we keep a record of it in your web office and you can withdraw it retroactively.

Is the commission calculated net or gross?

The commission is net and the payment is also net.

Does the company pay commission on customers too?

Of course! You will receive a direct bonus (20%) and, depending on your business level, a volume bonus based on the point value of the product purchase.

What type of activity do I need to add to my business to be able to invoice my commission?

Advertising agency activities.

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